How to Develop a PR Strategy for Crypto and Blockchain

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Billions of dollars were stolen last year from cryptocurrency users targeted by scammers. Additionally, only one in five Americans polled has a positive perception of cryptocurrencies. The prevalence of scams and negative public image highlights the need for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies to develop an effective public relations strategy. Your company needs a game plan to establish credibility and trust in your brand.  

As a provider of public relations services to emerging industries like cannabis, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, NisonCo knows how to develop a PR strategy that showcases the thought leaders and ideas behind your brand. Your strategy must build brand loyalty with investors, partners, and customers. How do you develop a public relations strategy that builds community credibility and trust in your brand?


Monitoring Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Media is an Important Element of a PR Strategy 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals communicate with a unique vocabulary that is ever-evolving. Demonstrating an understanding of this language will build trust in the community. Cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals want to know you can speak their language.

Monitoring cryptocurrency and blockchain media provide you with an understanding of the community’s language. Leverage Google Alerts and social media to find sources of cryptocurrency and blockchain media. Consider adopting media monitoring software if you are attempting to develop a sophisticated operation. 

Dive into online discussions once you have learned the community’s language and located the top news sources. Armed with the crypto community’s language, you are ready to start building relationships with cryptocurrency and blockchain reporters.


Business Development Manager Dallas Evelyn's photo appears with a quote beside it: "Cryptocurrency and blockchain are fairly new industries, and great ideas are sprouting up every day."

Reporter Outreach is a Key Component of a Crypto and Blockchain PR Strategy

Where do you find cryptocurrency and blockchain reporters? NisonCo developed a list of the best cryptocurrency and blockchain stories of 2021. This list gives you a basic survey of the biggest stories in cryptocurrency and blockchain media and whets the palate for connecting with reporters in this space, which you may be able to do via Twitter, LinkedIn, or directly by email.

Take the time to develop genuine relationships with reporters before you start pitching stories. You need to understand the topics they are interested in writing about. Connect with reporters at industry conferences or networking events to learn how they prefer to be pitched. You are ready to send your pitch after establishing a relationship with reporters.

Consider developing media partnerships to attain platforms and tell your company’s story. Media partnerships are a cost-effective communications solution that helps your story reach a wider audience. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are complex topics and the public needs education on them. Media partnerships help you tell your company’s story in laymen’s terms.


Thought Leadership is a Vital Aspect of Your Cryptocurrency and Blockchain PR Strategy  

While the media is sharing your story, develop and distribute original content to establish your company as a thought leader in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Maximize your content’s ability to reach a larger audience on search engine results pages (SERPs), and share it on digital media platforms.

Your cryptocurrency and blockchain content should be fresh and relevant. Thought leadership requires content that encourages subscribing and sharing. Share unique opinions that set your content apart from the competition, and demonstrate why these opinions are data-driven. 

Where do you share this amazing content? Leverage your website, blog, email newsletter, podcast, and social media to communicate thought leadership. Select distribution channels that help reach your intended audience. Consider sharing content on your website, blog, or LinkedIn if you sell to other cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses. Instagram or TikTok are suitable channels if you are attempting to reach consumers.

Lastly, create content that increases the odds of someone finding it while using a search engine. Content creation intended to maximize your searchability is called search engine optimization (SEO). Your content should Include commonly searched keywords in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces.

Do you want to learn more about SEO optimization? NisonCo Founder and President Evan Nison provides tips on our YouTube page. Additionally, NisonCo’s team of SEO experts share their knowledge in the SEO Tips section of our blog. 


Do You Need Assistance Developing a PR Strategy?

NisonCo will develop a strong public relations strategy for your company. We have experience telling the stories of companies operating in emerging industries like cannabis and green energy. Contact us if your cryptocurrency or blockchain company needs a public relations strategy.

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