Look Out for These 5 E-Commerce SEO Trends in 2022

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Written by: Olivia Swann

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SEO and E-commerce are undeniably intertwined. Businesses looking to boost their sales in 2022 need to be up to speed with the
latest trends in search engine optimization to ensure they rank well in search results and can reach their target audience. If you’re in search of SEO tips look no further: here are five e-commerce SEO trends to look out for this year from your favorite cannabis SEO agency


1. User Experience is Vital for E-Commerce Customers

User experience (UX) remains as vital as ever in the world of SEO. If you want to rank you’ll need to make sure that your website loads quickly and is well organized in a way that is accessible to users. It should also have additional accessibility features such as voice-to-text options readily available for site visitors. This is paramount to your SEO strategy so don’t skip over this!


2. Short-Form Videos Catch Consumer Attention

Video as a medium has been gaining popularity rapidly in the past few years through the success of apps like Tiktok and Instagram’s Reels. Short videos in particular are very important to e-commerce and marketing today. Adding videos to your website can help increase the time people spend on the site and it increases conversions significantly when it is on the landing page. Videos also do exceedingly well as a form of content on social media sites. When coupled with high-quality content and relevant keywords, adding videos can help boost your SEO. Don’t sleep on visual content this year. 


3. Voice Search in E-Commerce is Becoming Increasingly Prevalent

More people are using search engines with voice search these days. Whether they’re asking Siri, Alexa, or Google, people are asking using long-tail keywords in the question form. Voice search has allowed many populations, including the disabled and elderly, to increase accessibility, which is a great development. Voice search use is anticipated to continue to expand, which matters when it comes to keyword research and usage. This year be sure to consider how people are searching for items and information that could significantly boost your content in their search results.


Voice search trends, including when and where people use voice speakers most often

Source: FinancesOnline.com


4. Improved Product Reviews Up SERP Visibility

Over the past year, Google has been rolling out updates to how the algorithm reviews and ranks product reviews. They are increasingly emphasizing the quality of product reviews. In late March of 2022, Google stated:

“Over the past year, we’ve updated how Search ranks product reviews to prioritize in-depth and authentic content based on that feedback and our internal testing and evaluation processes. Today, we’re launching another update that builds on that work to enhance our ability to identify high-quality product reviews. This will make it easier for us to get sound purchasing advice in front of users, and to reward creators who are earnest in being helpful. The update will roll out over the next few weeks and may impact the rankings of English-language product reviews across many sites.”

Check out Google’s recommendations on best practices for product reviews here


5. Visual Search Tool: Google Lens

Finally, we have visual search tools which are going to be increasingly important to e-commerce and SEO. Tools like Google Lens give the user the ability to search via photos. This trend was brought up by our SEO Account Coordinator Maxwell Solch, who said “The ability to shop via taking photos [will be an SEO e-commerce trend to watch out for in 2022]. Though that’s not a ‘typical’ SEO method, having optimized photos can help reach users who decide to shop by taking photos of items they are looking for.” 

Check out this report from Shopify on 2022 eCommerce and social commerce trends for more.


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