25 Must-Know Cannabis Content Writing Terms

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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It can be difficult to keep track of all of the terms, words, and slang surrounding cannabis. Things get even more complicated when writing professionally or trying to rank on search pages for a category that has long been seen as taboo. Read on for the cannabis writing terms you absolutely need to know, whether you’re a cannabis writer, editor, or just an avid reader.



Refers to legal, non-medical cannabis. Preferred over the term “recreational.”



Formerly known as “web logs,” blogs are online spaces where individuals or groups can post text pieces or other media.



One who posts on a blog.



One of many compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants that bond to the body’s cannabinoid receptors. THC and CBD are the most common, though many other rare cannabinoids and minor cannabinoids are present in the plant.


Cannabis Marketing

Refers to a broad spectrum of marketing services aimed at cannabis companies. Marketing for cannabis companies might entail cannabis blog posts, cannabis newsletters, cannabis social media posts, cannabis advertising, and more.


Cannabis PR

Refers to public relations tailored for the unique needs of cannabis businesses. PR for cannabis companies might include cannabis press releases, cannabis interviews, crisis communications and other pieces meant to improve and spread the company’s or organization’s brand identity.


Cannabis SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) aimed at improving the online presence and ranking of cannabis businesses. SEO tailors the text on a page to make it more appealing to search engines. SEO for cannabis businesses might include cannabis keyword research, directory listings, profile optimization or cannabis SEO writing.



An umbrella term for hemp and cannabis products. Preferred over “marijuana.”


Cannabrand Style Guide

A guide that lays out the unique look, feel, and voice of a cannabis business. A style guide for cannabis businesses might include preferred fonts, color schemes, language, and terminology.


Copy Editor

Cannabis copy editors are responsible for revising and editing the text produced by cannabis content writers. Copy editors go through the text to ensure there are no grammatical or stylistic errors and that it adheres to the cannabrand’s style guide.


Copy Writer

A cannabis copy writer or cannabis copywriter is responsible for writing the text for a cannabis company. This text, or copy, might include cannabis product listings, cannabis webpage content, cannabis blog content and more.


Content Writer

A cannabis content writer is responsible for writing text for a cannabis business. This term is often used interchangeably with “copy writer,” though “content writer” is a more general term.



Cannabis dispensaries are stores that sell medical and adult-use cannabis in legal states.


Drop Dead Date/Deadline

A deadline is the date and time by which a piece of writing or other content is expected to be completed. A drop dead date is the absolute final time the writer or editor must hand off an assignment.



A non-psychoactive member of the cannabis plant family. Hemp is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.



An article, often on a blog or cannabis business website, in the format of a list. Cannabis listicles are usually brief and able to be easily skimmed.



An outdated term used to refer to the psychoactive plants in the cannabis family. Most cannabis companies now use the word “cannabis” instead due to the negative connotations of the word “marijuana.”



An abbreviation for “medical marijuana.” Can be used in terms such as “MMJ dispensary,” “MMJ content writing,” and so on. Many states, but not all, have medical cannabis laws.



An abbreviation for “opposite the editorial page.” An op-ed is a piece of writing in which a guest contributor shares their opinion on a given topic.


Press Release

An official piece of writing from a company, organization, or professional. Cannabis press releases are meant to bring awareness or make an official statement and may be used for new products, upcoming events, or leadership changes.



Generally speaking, a publication is an outlet that posts or otherwise distributes text pieces. Cannabis publications focus on some aspects of the cannabis industry and community.


Seed-to-Sale (STS)

Refers to the entire lifecycle of a cannabis plant, from the genetics of the seed to how it is sold. STS software is used to encourage transparency and good practices.


Service Page

Service pages describe a business’ products or services. Cannabis service pages include any service within the cannabis industry.


Thought Leadership

Cannabis thought leadership pieces are articles by professionals designed to share expert information and position them as a leader in the field.


Word Count

Can either refer to the required length of a given writing assignment or the total number of words in any finished piece.


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