The Ultimate List of 2021 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and Psychedelic Conferences and Expos

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Written by: Evan Nison

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Which cannabis and psychedelic events are you headed to in the 2021 season?

It’s nearly time to put 2020 behind us and jump into the 2021 conference season. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis trade show veteran waiting to get back to the expo floor or looking to attend a hemp convention or psychedelics conference for the first time, you’ve found the best list of psychedelic, cannabis, cbd and hemp trade shows.

What a year we’re putting behind us. Going from attending some of our favorite cannabis conventions to watching from quarantine as the majority of events were canceled or smartly shifted to a digital format was a sight to see. We love making connections and were really looking forward to attending the classics, like the MJBiz series, NCIA and the Benzinga Cannabis Capital conferences, plus meeting the new players at a few psychedelics trade shows, but in many ways this year off has been really beneficial. It’s given us the chance to reflect on the work we do in public relations, marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), the ways we give back (like our monthly mixer) and the amazing team we have that makes our culture and the work we do so phenomenal. The coronavirus has given all cannabis, hemp and CBD businesses the chance to step back and prepare to grow even stronger in 2021, and we know conferences are doing the same.

Out of necessity the virtual conference grew to be one of the lifesavers of 2020, and when the world moves beyond COVID-19 we expect to see digital networking continue into 2021 and beyond. As an all remote team, we understand the importance of location neutral events. Yet, we really can’t wait until it’s time to put on our most comfortable shoes and walk those miles of expo floors. So while you envision with us about the next show to attend, check out our list of virtual and in person events to aid in your future planning.

A quick note regarding COVID-19 – Please be sure to check out the official event websites for the most up-to-date information.

Our Featured Conferences

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Now drum roll please! It’s finally time for the complete list of psychedelic, cannabis, CBD and hemp conferences. First up will be the list of digital or all remote conferences. Following that list will be the highly anticipated in person events.

Virtual/Digital Cannabis Conferences and Networking Events 2021

Name Company Date
Cannabis Meets Healthcare Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 1/26/2021
Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Benzinga 2/25/2021
SXSW SXSW 3/16/2021
ACannabis EVOLVE: Unlocking the potential of medicinal cannabis MCIA 3/16/2021
Women Grow Strong Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 3/25/2021
Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference 3/26/2021
Indo Expo Virtual Show Indo Expo 4/15/2021
CannaGROW Harvest: Operations Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 4/21/2021
Food+Beverage Cannavation Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 5/19/2021
Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Benzinga 6/3/2021
CannaOne BizCon+Awards Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 6/17/2021
Women Empowered in Cannabis Leadership Conference: Power and Collaboration Women Empowered in Cannabis 7/21/2021
CannaVest EUROPE Virtual Expo CannaOne Nation 8/28/2021
Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Benzinga 10/14/2021
Cannabis Care American Cannabis Nurse Association 10/6/2021
GCI Virtual Summit Global Cannabis Intelligence 12/7/2021
Virtual Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Expo Cannabusiness Industrial Marketplace 12/8/2021


In-Person Cannabis Conferences and Trade Shows 2021

Name Location Date
Athens Cannabis Expo Athens, Greece 1/15/2021
Southern US Hemp Growers Tampa, FL 1/17/2021
Future Cannabis Strategies Europe London, UK 1/27/2021
Asian Hemp Summit 2021 Kathmandu Kathmandu, Nepal 1/29/2021
Indo Expo Denver, CO 1/30/2021
USA CBD Expo Vegas, NV 2/5/2021
Cannabis Packaging Summit Anaheim, CA 2/9/2021
2021 Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Oklahoma Summit & Expo Tulsa, OK 2/10/2021
Alternative Investments Research & Due Diligence Forum Las Vegas, NV 2/10/2021
SPAC Conference New York, NY 2/11/2021
CANNACON Midwest Chicago, IL 2/12/2021
Industrial Hemp Summit Danville, VA 2/22/2021
Emerald Conference San Diego, CA 2/24/2021
IECSC NY New York City, NY 3/7/2021
Southern US Hemp Growers Tampa, FL 3/7/2021
Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo Birch Run, MI 3/18/2021
AAD Annual Meeting San Francisco, CA 3/19/2021
Global Pet Expo Orlando, FL 3/24/2021
NECANN Boston Boston, MA 3/24/2021
NoCo Hemp Expo Denver, CO 3/25/2021
CBD Expo MIDWEST Chicago, IL 3/26/2021
The Body Koln, Germany 3/26/2021
Georgia World Cannabis Conference Atlanta, GA 3/27/2021
Cannacon Midwest Detroit, MI 4/2/2021
Spannabis Barcelona, Spain 4/23/2021
Canadians and Psychedelics Research Conference Montréal, Canada 4/25/2021
Eastern US Hemp Conference and Expo Buffalo, NY 4/25/2021
Meet Delic Los Angeles, CA 5/1/2021
Lucky Leaf Expo Austin Austin, TX 5/14/2021
The Plastics Show / NPE 2021 Orlando, FL 5/17/2021
Catalyst 2021 Calgary, Alberta 5/21/2021
Lift & Co Toronto, Canada 5/27/2021
USA CBD Expo Atlanta, GA 6/11/2021
IECSC Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 6/20/2021
Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Conference (HITEC) Dallas, TX 6/21/2021
The Cannabis Expo Mexico Mexico City, Mexico 6/24/2021
Lucky Leaf Expo Dallas Dallas, TX 7/9/2021
Michigan Summit & Expo Mt Pleasant, MI 7/13/2021
Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) Fair Las Vegas, NV 7/20/2021
NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo / CannaBiz Summit San Francisco, CA 8/3/2021
Cannabis Research Conference Pueblo, CO 8/3/2021
Southern Hemp Expo Nashville, TN 8/20/2021
Midwest Cannabis Business Conference Detroit, MI 8/25/2021
Tri-State Cannabis Summit & Expo Philadelphia, PA 8/25/2021
Grow Tradefest Lake Ozark, Missouri 8/26/2021
USA CBD Expo Medellin, Colombia 8/28/2021
White Label World Expo US Las Vegas, NV 9/1/2021
INSIGHT 2021 Berlin, Germany 9/9/2021
Ohio & Kentucky Summit & Expo Cincinnati, OH 9/9/2021
The Cannabis Expo Johannesburg Johannesburg, South Africa 9/16/2021
2021 ISPA Conference & Expo Aurora, CO 9/20/2021
Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals Summit Boston, MA 9/21/2021
CajunCannaCon Bossier City, LA 9/24/2021
CannMed 2021 Pasadena, CA 9/29/2021
Business of Cannabis: New York New York, NY 9/29/2021
Growth Las Vegas, NV 10/11/2021
USA CBD Expo Chicago, IL 10/28/2021
Alternative Products Expo Chicago, IL 10/28/2021
CWCBExpo New York, NY 11/4/2021
Meet Delic Las Vegas, NV 11/6/2021
Canna Pharma 2021 San Diego, CA 11/9/2021
The Cannabis Expo Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa 11/11/2021
Oklahoma Cannabis Convention Oklahoma City, OK 11/11/2021
Missouri Summit & Expo St. Charles, Missouri 11/17/2021
Eastern Cannabis Business Conferencex Baltimore, MD 12/7/2021
Northeast Cannabis Business Conference Atlantic City, NJ Fall 2021

Creating the ultimate cannabis conference & psychedelics trade show guide

Before we jump into the list,  you may ask yourself, how did this become the best, most comprehensive list of conventions? Don’t worry, we get asked this a lot and we’re happy to share our methodology. We love cannabis networking and we love focusing on what we love. Simply put, we care so much about promoting the cannabis industry, which we helped to create through our advocacy efforts, that we dove deep into research to try and find every possible cannabis event out there. Well to be clear, we don’t include one-off events like stand alone networking events, the CBD events that your local yoga studio hosts or quick panels more for educational purposes. Our research focus has been to find any and all cannabis conferences, CBD trade shows and the newest sibling industry, psychedelics conventions, from your local regional events, to country specific and beyond around the globe.

The goal of this complete list of psychedelic, cannabis, CBD and hemp conferences, conventions, trade shows, expos and any other name they may go by is to ensure connections across the industry are made. If the event has booth space or an expo floor, in person or digital, you can be sure we’ve included it on the list. 

We do our best to update the list every month, as it seems like a new conference sprouts up as easily as the cannabis plant itself, so if you see an event you’re hosting is missing please reach out to and let us know. If we can be helpful in your conference-going experience whether it’s providing tips on attending shows, marketing yourself to be on the right panel or letting the media know about your event, do reach out to us or check out our conference resource page here.

If you’re looking for our previous conference lists you can find them linked below:

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