The Best Solar Energy Keywords for SEO 2023

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The Best Solar Energy Keywords for SEO

Written by: Evan Nison

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Are you unsure if customers, investors and journalists are finding your information on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Beat the competition and reach target audiences with the help of our experienced SEO firm.

Crafting an outstanding SEO strategy for your solar company starts with selecting the keywords that best match your brand and resonate with your target audience.

The solar industry is quickly expanding, and solar companies everywhere are striving to identify imaginative methods that drive new customers to their site. As an industry poised to create sweeping change, solar companies need to stay ahead of the curve to push important messages and convert leads. Employing the best SEO keyword strategies can help.

Elevate your solar brand’s search rank with complete, meticulous solar SEO keyword research. Before beginning, familiarize yourself with helpful keyword research tools such as Google’s free Keyword Planner, MOZ, and SEMRush. Utilizing these essential tools can help you generate a powerful keyword list to help sharpen your search campaign and make your brand stand out. To help you get started, we composed a list of some of the premium keyword terms and search phrases to increase your solar company’s visibility and start ranking. Check it out!


Best General Solar SEO Keywords You Should be Using

Solar SEO allows you to add some extra flair to your business. To kick off our list, we compiled some of the most popular solar energy SEO search phrases and terms. Alongside the keywords, we enhanced the list by adding the estimated monthly search volume. This helps you get an idea of how prevalent these terms are in today’s search:

Keyword Volume
solar energy 40,500
what is solar energy 9,900
how does solar energy work 6,600
solar energy definition 6,600
disadvantages of solar energy 5,400
solar energy companies 5,400
advantages of solar energy 4,400
is solar energy renewable 4,400
solar energy pros and cons 3,600
solar energy stocks 2,900
benefits of solar energy 2,900
solar energy facts 1,900
pros of solar energy 1,900
cons of solar energy 1,900
energia solar 1,600
solar energy world 1,600
all energy solar 1,600
solar energy advantages and disadvantages 1,600
is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable 1,300
solar energy cost 1,300
solar energy equipment supplier 1,300
solar energy partners 1,300
solar energy examples 1,000
solar energy system 720

Top Solar SEO Question Keywords and Search Phrases

Comprehensive SEO keyword research relies on knowing what will keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. Brighten your solar SEO keyword strategy with asking the right questions about solar energy — and giving the best answers. Let’s keep it rolling with these essential solar-powered keywords, accompanied by their estimated monthly search volume:

Keyword Volume
what is solar energy 9,900
how does solar energy work 6,600
is solar energy renewable 4,400
is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable 1,300
how much energy does a solar panel produce 1,000
how solar energy works 1,000
how is solar energy produced 1,000
how is solar energy used 1000
what are the disadvantages of solar energy 880
what is solar energy used for 880
where does solar energy come from 880
why is solar energy good 880
how is solar energy converted into electricity 720
how to store solar energy 590
why is solar energy bad 390
which is true of solar wind and geothermal energy 320
does solar energy cause pollution 320
is solar energy a renewable resource 260
what is solar energy definition 170

Best SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Solar Companies

You have a good idea of the best general solar keywords and even have a grasp on some of the highest volume questions about solar energy. Why not learn about some of the most searched terms directly for solar companies? Solar companies are determined to help the environment, but you want to make sure you’re also making an impact that matters to your community.  Take a peek at how your solar firm can get ahead using company-focused keywords to attract customers or investors to your site:

Keyword Volume
solar companies near me 14,800
solar companies 12,100
solar company 9,900
solar panel company 8,100
commercial solar company 6,600
solar panel companies 6,600
solar energy companies 5,400
solar company near me 5,400
best solar companies 3,600
solar panel companies near me 2,900
solar installation companies 1,600
local solar companies 1,900
solar panel installation companies 1,900
top solar companies 1,600
solar companies georgia 1,300
solar energy companies near me 1,300
solar companies san diego 1,000
best solar panel company 1,000
solar companies in az 880
solar companies stock 720
solar power companies 590
solar companies in california 590
elon musk solar company 480
solar companies colorado 480

Top SEO Keywords for Solar Energy Stocks

If you’re tied into the financial side of solar energy, then it’s crucial you’re backed with the best keywords all about solar stocks. Whether you’re a burgeoning solar energy firm or solar panel company looking to rake in some new sales, take a look at our solar energy stock search queries. These can help you understand where your investors and clients are coming from and make the best decisions to uplift your solar keyword research:

Keyword Volume
first solar stock 12,100
solar stocks 5,400
canadian solar stock 4,400
jinko solar stock 2,900
solar energy stocks 2,900
first solar stock price 1,900
ascent solar stock 1,900
best solar stocks 1,300
maxeon solar stock 1,300
solar panel stocks 1,000
vivint solar stock 880
solar edge stock price 720
solar companies stock 720
solar power stocks 720
solar stocks to buy 590
solar window stock 260
momentum solar stock 170


When it comes to identifying which search phrases your solar company should target, monthly volume is just one method to use. Other significant determining factors in keyword selection include cost per click, keyword difficulty ratings, conversion rates, and volume trend. Regardless, keyword research is a necessity to your SEO strategy and serves as a fantastic jumping point no matter what you’re trying to target.

If you’re curious about how your solar company can benefit from SEO, check out our Solar SEO service page (link). We have a team of experts who are excited to begin crafting your brand’s custom SEO strategy and inform the world about the possibilities of solar. Contact us here to learn how to get started with a free SEO audit.

Are you a visual learner? Check out our YouTube video on SEO Keywords and Search Phrase Research for Beginners here:

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