40 Psychedelic Blog Post Ideas for Content Writers

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Written by: Johanna Bloomquist

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NisonCo has compiled a list of 40 great psychedelic blog topic ideas, whether you’re ramping up your SEO strategy with some topical, keyword-packed articles or looking for psychedelic topics to brush up on before heading out to a conference.


Psychedelics Blog Topics Ideas

Because psychedelics have recently piqued public interest, consumers have many general questions. We’ve split this first section into technical questions about use and legality. No matter what you write about, include plenty of psychedelics content writing terms

Psychedelic Use Blog Topics

  1. Can psychedelics cure [topic]?
  2. Can psychedelics cause [topic]?
  3. Can psychedelics treat [topic]?
  4. How do psychedelics work?
  5. What do psychedelics do?
  6. What psychedelics are good for [topic]?
  7. Are psychedelics addictive?
  8. Are psychedelics hallucinogens?
  9. Are psychedelics stimulants?
  10. Most potent psychedelics
  11. Psychedelics for [topic]
  12. Psychedelics to treat [topic]
  13. Psychedelics vs. hallucinogens

Legality of Psychedelics Blog Topics

  1. Are psychedelics legal?
  2. When will psychedelics become legal?
  3. When were psychedelics banned?
  4. Where are psychedelics legal?
  5. Where are psychedelics decriminalized?


An expressive oil painting of a woman sitting down to type on a computer with psychedelic mushrooms swirling around them.

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Ketamine Blog Topics Ideas

Ketamine is currently one of the most commonly used and researched therapeutic psychedelics. Consumers have many questions about ketamine treatments and the drug in general. 


Ketamine Treatment Blog Ideas

  1. Are ketamine infusions covered by insurance?
  2. How ketamine works
  3. How ketamine helps [topic]
  4. Why undergo ketamine therapy?
  5. Ketamine for [topic]
  6. Will ketamine help [topic]?
  7. Ketamine to treat [topic]
  8. Ketamine therapy
  9. Ketamine infusion
  10. Ketamine effects


Psilocybin Blog Topics Ideas

Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in “magic mushrooms,” is one of the most well-known psychedelics. Scientists and medical professionals are still working to discover the full therapeutic possibilities of this compound, so consumers have many questions you can answer on your blog. 

  1. Are psilocybin mushrooms legal in [place]?
  2. Can psilocybin help [topic]?
  3. Can psilocybin cause [topic]?
  4. How psilocybin works
  5. How psilocybin affects the brain
  6. What is psilocybin therapy?
  7. Where is psilocybin legal?
  8. Which mushrooms are psilocybin?
  9. Will psilocybin be legalized?
  10. Psilocybin for [topic]
  11. Psilocybin mushroom
  12. Psilocybin therapy


Psychedelics Blog Ideas

The psychedelics industry is up-and-coming. There’s no better time to jump into this exciting field with some well-planned blogs on psychedelic topics. A psychedelics SEO and PR firm like NisonCo can help you optimize your psychedelics website and create high-quality blog content to get you noticed. Contact us today to learn how we can help your psychedelics business thrive.

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