NisonCo Fights Drug War By Elevating Personal Stories

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Written by: NisonCo Staff

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As a cannabis PR firm rooted in activism, NisonCo is looking for your stories to elevate firsthand accounts of the devastation caused by the Drug War.

We know the War on Drugs isn’t really a war on drugs, it’s a war on people who use drugs. At NisonCo, we neither condone nor condemn drug use, but we do condemn disastrous policies that are continuing to ruin lives and families.

A Costly War On Drugs: Losing More Than Just Money

Despite being one of the most costly wars in U.S. history with a cost of over $1 trillion so far, we have made no progress in reducing the harms from drugs. In fact, the War on Drugs has increased the harms both to the individual user and to society. The Drug War leaves millions behind bars, millions of families destroyed, millions of careers lost, millions of educations never obtained, and over a trillion dollars wasted.

What’s alarming is that a large majority of all drug arrests are for cannabis — a plant that’s recognized as having medical benefits by 33 states. The War on Drugs thus criminalizes people seeking medical care: people simply dealing with conditions that they can not afford to address in the broken health care system and people self-medicating to deal with trauma or mental health issues.

Freedom of speech is an extremely valuable tool to help end the War on Drugs and it’s our goal at NisonCo to help people know how to elevate their voice and exercise their first amendment right. We are looking to publicize stories of losing freedom, losing property, losing a family, losing education, and losing careers.

Contact NisonCo to Share Your Story

If you have been adversely affected by the Drug War and want to share your story, please email and include “War on Drugs” in the subject line. We will help promote your voice in whatever means we can, whether that’s creating a blog post about your story or sending it to appropriate social campaigns that are calling out politicians and organizations for perpetuating the War on Drugs.

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