MJBizConWeek: The Can’t-Miss Cannabiz Event of 2019

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Written by: Marissa Black-Smith

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The countdown has begun to the biggest cannabiz event of the year: Marijuana Business Journal’s MJBizConWeek 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. With less than a month to go until the world’s largest gathering of professionals in the cannabis industry, we at NisonCo have compiled an overview of the event and why your business should be there.

MJBizConWeek Overview

Recognizing the growing number of special-interest and affiliated events around MJBizCon, Clark County and the City of Las Vegas have declared December 9-13, 2019 as “MJBizConWeek.” Here are the official convention events:

This dedicated investing event is focused on identifying new investment opportunities in cannabis while bringing together those looking for capital and those looking to place it.

Associations Day is dedicated to well-respected non-profits or other associations helping to move the cannabis industry forward. The program includes discounts, provided meeting spaces and use of the MJBizCon marketing platform.

This is the mainstay event where the entire cannabis industry comes together to learn, network, explore, reward and get business done. The conference features an outstanding program of events and speakers to ensure that everyone has the chance to make the connections that will advance their businesses. The additional networking events and add-ons are linked below:

The MJ Biz Awards is the can’t-miss evening event of MJBizCon Week – a premier event recognizing and celebrating excellence and impact in the cannabis industry. 

Why It’s Worth Attending

  • Networking and Capitalizing on Social Interaction

MJBizCon draws in 35,000 attendees every year, over the span of only three days. For any conference, the true value of attending comes from engaging with other attendees, and capitalizing on those interactions. This could happen in a miasma of ways depending on your company, from future business deals to marketing opportunities. With such a high concentration of industry professionals in one place at one time, the networking possibilities — and the opportunities they provide — are boundless.

  • Expand Your Horizons, Especially Beyond Your Specialization

Conferences are a marvelous way to see a slurry of all that is new and exciting across an industry, as well as gain professional development and knowledge. Whether you’re attending an official agenda-based MJBizCon session or simply asking questions at one of the more than 1,300 booths, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. 

  • Troubleshoot Business Problems

With more than 8,000 cannabiz executives in attendance, MJBizCon is the perfect opportunity to harness professional brainpower for free, and you should take full advantage of it. In the era of email it can be difficult to stand out when trying to contact a fellow business for help or advice, but conferences offer the opportunity to speak face-to-face with professionals from various facets of the industry. 

  • Share Your Ideas and Work 

There’s no better place than MJBizCon to show off what you’ve been working on, as there are more than 1,250 investors and 1,500 CEOs in attendance. If you’re new to the industry completely, be sure to look into the extremely popular and lauded Marijuana Business Crash Course.

Stay tuned for NisonCo’s next blog post about which MJBizConWeek Affiliated Events, booths and workshops we plan on attending, and why.

Will you be attending the conference events this December? If you’re a journalist, we’d be happy to get you in touch with the exciting companies making announcements at the event. For companies attending, reach out to see how we can help maximize your presence during MJBizConWeek. We hope to see you there! 
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