The Ultimate 2023 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp and Psychedelic Conference and Expo List

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The Complete List of Announced Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos 2023

Updated September 22, 2023

The 2023 cannabis conference season is right around the corner. It’s best to start planning which trade shows, expos and summits you’ll attend as early as possible to make the process smooth and straightforward.

Every year we put together a comprehensive list of all the psychedelic and cannabis conferences you need to know about. Check out some of the best cannabis conferences, psychedelic conferences, and more in the United States and worldwide!


Q1 2023 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos

Event Location Date
Lift&Co. Expo Vancouver, British Columbia 01/12/23
Canna Med Show Phoenixville, PA 01/14/23
Cannabis Industry and Conference Expo Detroit, MI 01/20/23
2023 Virginia Cannabis Conference Richmond, VA 01/20/23
Future Cannabis Strategies Europe 2023 London, England, U.K. 01/25/23
Cannadelic Miami Miami, FL 02/04/23
The Future of Cannabis Marketing Virtual 02/07/23
CannaTech Expo Fort Lauderdale, FL 02/14/23
CannaCon South (Mississippi) Biloxi, MS 02/24/23
Cannabis Business Asia-Pacific Bangkok, Thailand 02/28/23
The Emerald Conference San Diego, CA 03/01/23
INTERCHANGE by Marijuana Venture Renton, WA 03/01/23
2023 Puerto Rico CannaTech Expo San Juan, Puerto Rico 03/02/23
Alternative Products Expo Ft Lauderdale, FL 03/03/23
USA CBD Expo Ft Lauderdale, FL 03/03/23
South by Southwest (SXSW) Austin, TX 03/10/23
NECANN (Boston) Boston, MA 03/10/23
ACannabis Melbourne, Australia 03/14/23
INTERCHANGE by Marijuana Venture Portland, OR 03/15/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (Kansas City) Kansas City, MO 03/24/23
Connecticut Cannabis Industry Expo Montville, CT 03/25/23
NoCo Hemp Expo Colorado Springs, CO 03/29/23
CannaCon South (Oklahoma City) Oklahoma City, OK 03/31/23


Q2 2023 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos

Event Location Date
Lucky Leaf Expo (New York) Albany, NY 04/14/23
MARY Fest  New York, NY 04/20/23
Cannabis Science Conference Portland, OR 04/20/23
MJ Unpacked (NYC) New York, NY 04/26/23
2023 Michigan CannaTech Expo Mount Pleasant, MI 05/03/23
Hall of Flowers Santa Rosa 2023 Santa Rosa, CA 05/03/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (Mississippi) Jackson, MS 05/05/23
NECANN (Burlington) Burlington, VT 05/06/23
CannaTrade Zürich, Switzerland 05/12/23
Cannastock Poughkeepsie, NY 05/13/23
CannMed 23 — Innovation and Investment Summit Marco Island, FL 05/15/23
Psychedelic Therapeutics and Drug Development Conference San Francisco, CA 05/15/23
Interchange (Michigan) Lansing, MI 05/17/23
Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference New York, NY 05/18/23
CannaCon West (Albuquerque) Albuquerque, NM 05/19/23
Alternative Products Expo (South America) Medellín, Colombia 05/20/23
NECANN (Connecticut) Hartford, CT 05/20/23
BizCann Expo Medellín, Colombia 05/20/23
The CBD Show London, England, U.K. 05/22/23
The Natural Product Show London, England, U.K. 05/22/23
The Business Event London, England, U.K. 05/22/23
Interchange (Washington) Renton, WA 05/23/23
Cannabis Business Europe Frankfurt, Germany 05/25/23
Grow Up Conference and Expo Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 05/28/23
Hall of Flowers Toronto 2023 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 05/31/23
CWCBExpo New York, NY 06/01/23
Lift Cannabis Business Conference Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada 06/01/23
2023 Illinois Cannabis Convention Chicago, IL 06/02/23
NECANN (Chicago) Chicago, IL 06/02/23
Native American Cannabis & Hemp Conference Temecula, CA 06/06/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (New Jersey) Edison, NJ 06/08/23
GreenTech Amsterdam, Netherlands 06/13/23
CannabiSalud Cancun, Mexico 06/14/23
The Flower Expo Greenfield, MA 06/14/23
Canna Pharma 2023 Philadelphia, PA 06/14/23
MAPS’ Psychedelic Science 2023 Denver, CO 06/19/23
CannaCon Midwest (Detroit) Detroit, MI 06/23/23
The Cannabis Expo Durban, South Africa 06/28/23
Grow Up Conference & Expo Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 06/28/23
International Cannabis Business Conference Berlin, Germany 06/29/23


Q3 2023 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos

Event Location Date
PSYCH London Symposium London, England, U.K. 07/06/23
Alternative Products Expo (North America) Dallas, TX 07/13/23
PhilaDelic Philadelphia, PA 07/13/23
Sisters in Psychedelics Summit Vancouver, Canada 07/14/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (Maryland) Baltimore, MD 07/21/23
Cannabis Drinks Expo (West) San Francisco, CA 07/27/23
The Cannabis Expo Durban, South Africa 07/28/23
HamCan Conference & Expo Hamburg, Germany 07/28/23
Cannabis Drinks Expo (East) Chicago, IL 08/01/23
Lift Cannabis Business Conference California San Francisco, CA 08/02/23
Cannabis Research Conference Denver, CO 08/03/23
Indo Healthcare Expo 2023 Jakarta, Indonesia 08/03/23
CannaCon West (Long Beach) Long Beach, CA 08/04/23
INTERCHANGE by Marijuana Venture Spokane, WA 08/08/23
NECANN (Portland) Portland, ME 08/12/23
Cannabis Conference Las Vegas, Nevada 08/15/23
Southern Hemp Expo Nashville, TN 08/17/23
Product Earth Stoneleigh, England, U.K. 08/18/23
Canna Golf Classic Surrey, British Columbia 08/23/23
Veterans Alternative Healthcare Summit Pittsburg, PA 08/23/23
INSIGHT Conference 2023 Berlin, Germany 08/31/23
Marijuana Anonymous Convention Seattle, WA 09/01/23
International CBC Slovenia Bled, Slovenia 09/07/23
NECANN (Atlantic City) Atlantic City, NJ 09/08/23
Ibogaine for the World  Amsterdam, Netherlands 09/08/23
Montreal Cannabis Expo Montreal, Canada 09/13/23
Green Label Expo Las Vegas, NV 09/13/23
Psychedelic Ceremony & The Art of Groups Loveland, CO 09/13/23
Alternative Products Expo Las Vegas, NV 09/14/23
Cannabis Business Bootcamp Plainsboro, NJ 09/15/23
Cannabis Business Africa Capetown, South Africa 09/19/23
INTERCHANGE by Marijuana Venture Portland, OR 09/20/23
Farmaforum Madrid, Spain 09/20/23
Payments, Banking and Compliance (PBC) Conference Washington, D.C. 09/21/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (New Mexico) Albuquerque, NM 09/22/23
Benzinga Capital Conference Chicago, IL 09/27/23
NECANN (Albany) Albany, NY 09/29/23
PsyCon Denver, CO 09/29/23


Q4 2023 Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Psychedelic Conferences, Summits, Trade Shows and Expos

Event Location Date
Business of Cannabis New York, NY 10/04/23
Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference Newark, NJ 10/05/23
Lucky Leaf Expo (St. Louis) St. Louis, MO 10/06/23
CannaCon Detroit Detroit, MI 10/06/23
Cultiva HanfExpo Vienna, Austria 10/06/23
ICMC 2023: International Conference on Medical Cannabis New York, NY 10/07/23
CannaStock Milton, NY 10/07/23
World CBD Awards Lisbon, Portugal 10/09/23
MJ Unpacked Detroit, MI 10/10/23
White Label World Expo Frankfurt, Germany 10/11/23
Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics 2023 New York, NY 10/12/23
Cannastock Milton, NY 10/14/23
Meet Delic Las Vegas, NV 10/14/23
Hemp & Industry Conference Prague, Czech Republic 10/16/23
National Psychedelic Policy and Investment Conference Washington, D.C.  10/17/23
Reform Conference Phoenix, AZ 10/18/23
Real Cannabis Entrepreneur Conference Newark, NJ 10/20/23
Sana Symposium Online 10/26/23
Swiss Psychedelics Research Conference (ALPS Conference) Geneva, Switzerland 10/27/23
Cannabis Pharmacy 2023 & Me Virtual 10/28/23
Lehigh Valley Cannabis Expo Allentown, PA 10/28/23
Green Label Expo Las Vegas, NV 10/31/23
National Indigenous Cannabis & Advocacy Summit Washington, D.C. 11/01/23
The Business of Cannabis New York, NY 11/03/23
Federal Income Taxation of Cannabis Businesses 2023 Virtual 11/06/23
International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances 2023 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 11/06/23
INTERCHANGE by Marijuana Venture Renton, WA 11/07/23
Wonderland Miami, FL 11/09/23
Alternative Products Expo Tampa, FL 11/09/23
Mass Gathering Medicine Summit New York, NY 11/15/23
The Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit New York, NY 11/16/23
Asia International Hemp Expo Bangkok, Thailand 11/22/23
Psykedeelit 2023 Turku, Finland 11/23/23
The Cannabis Expo Johannesburg, South Africa 11/24/23
MJBizCon Las Vegas, NV 11/28/23
reMind Media Business Forum Las Vegas, NV 11/28/23
Horizons Northwest Portland, OR 12/01/23
National Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium Portland, OR 12/01/23
The CBD Show London, England, U.K. 12/07/23
Psychedelic Science Israel 2023 Tel Aviv, Israel 12/10/23
Cannabis Business Americas Santiago, Chile 12/13/23


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Work with NisonCo to secure your place speaking on cannabis conference panels in 2023.

We update this list monthly, but if you see an event you’re hosting that is missing from our master list, please reach out to and let us know.

NisonCo prioritizes providing helpful resources and quick tips to get the most out of your conference-going experience. From MJBizCon to Meet Delic, we ensure you have the tools to market yourself, publicize your event, or apply for that speaking slot on a panel.

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