SEO Account Manager Role

NisonCo is the leading cannabis industry PR, Marketing and SEO firm. With active relationships with thousands of journalists and outlets, and connections to thousands of industry specific companies, connections and being seen is the core of what we do. Since our founding in 2013 we’ve worked with over 125 companies to increase brand awareness. Our all remote team has a proven track record of successful political advocacy and policy change supporting the legalization of cannabis and other socially-responsible causes.


The “What”

Overall: You’re essential in managing our SEO clients, providing them the leading industry experience to get and keep their search engine presence at the top of the rankings.


Account Manager: Clients are seeing upwards trends in their rankings, projects are managed to completion and relationships are fostered

  • Creating the strategy, priority, planning, and execution for client SEO strategies
  • Fostering and cultivating client success, client relationships, and ultimately client retention
  • Reviewing all client deliverables, ensuring quality standards and client expectations are met
  • Managing client communications, reporting, conflict resolution, expectations and compliance on client deliverables
  • Providing a detailed agenda and recap for all client calls for clear follow through
  • Delegating project pieces to our support team
  • Providing clients with a clear roadmap and corresponding actionable reporting along the way
  • Coordinating efforts with external partners where needed
  • Working with other internal service teams within the company to coordinate efforts
  • Serving as the “voice of the client,” advocating your clients’ needs when working in the team


SEO Expert: Knowledge is used and skills are always being refined

  • Having a deep understanding of the current and upcoming SEO tactics like on-site and off-site optimization
  • Knowing the tools of the trade including Brightlocal, Moz and SEMrush
  • Ability to set up, run and understand analytics from other tools such as Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console
  • Understanding the technical backend of websites
  • Building on your knowledge to always be learning
  • Presenting the knowledge not just to the client and the team but also on webinars and other marketing materials
  • Building and manage editorial/content calendars for clients, in collaboration with relevant internal teams


Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Connoisseur: Possessing a deep understanding of these industries

  • Knowing rather than needing to learn about the industry to provide a greater depth of suggestions to our clients and team
  • An understanding of cannabis, vaporizer and CBD consumers — consuming is not necessary but knowing the lingo is
  • Working with dispensaries and e-commerce retail shops is helpful to know



Our Core Values – Expectations for all employees!

Integrity: We align our actions with our words, and operate with transparency and good faith. We own our mistakes and give honest feedback.

Adaptability: We’re no strangers to forging paths in new and challenging spaces. Our employees and clients come to us with entrepreneurial spirits and we embrace flexibility and creativity to excel in future-facing industries.

Global Community: We come from a variety of backgrounds and seek to create relationships that are supportive and respectful of those diverse viewpoints. We recognize that our networks and communities are central to our success and contentment with our work.

Inclusivity: We treat each other as we’d wish to be treated. We do not shy away from pushing boundaries and confronting social stigmas using non-coercive and effective methods. We will continue working cognizantly toward promoting greater equity and inclusion in every space we encounter.

Collective responsiveness: We understand employees have their own lives. We can rely on one another in times of need to ensure all responsibilities are met and to keep things running smoothly for the entire team.

NisonCo is an equal-opportunity employer and we do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


This is an hourly remote position with a path to becoming full-time after your three-month trial. Compensation begins at $50,000 with additional pay up to $62,000 based on benchmarks and benefits that begin post-trial:


Paid time off: 

  • Generous Vacation Policy
  • Paid Health Care / Sick Leave
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Pawternity Leave
  • Paid holidays


  • Health, Dental and Vision insurance: 
    • Eligibility after 3 months: Join the plan and you cover 100% of your premium
    • After 6 months of employment: Premiums covered at 50% of the base price by NisonCo, you cover the other 50%
    • After 1.5 years: Premiums covered at 100% of the base price by NisonCo
  • Life Insurance: Standard coverage of $25,000


  • Retirement Plan: After one year and 1000 hours worked in the same year participate in a 4% match
  • Online platform for financial training


  • Coworking or cafe monthly stipend
  • Yearly workspace set up stipend


  • Join our team on yearly all expenses paid staff retreat
  • Weekly team bonding opportunities
  • Flexible schedules when life comes up
  • News subscriptions
  • Personalize professional growth opportunities


To apply please email with the subject link “I’m your next SEO Account Manager” and include: 

  • Your resume or LinkedIn
  • An intro to who you are
  • How did you find the position?
  • What makes you excited about managing SEO strategy for clients?
  • How did you end up wanting to work in the cannabis and future-focused industries?
  • NisonCo prides itself on creating a diverse and inclusive company culture. Please share how you would exhibit DEI values in the workplace?
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