PR Account Coordinator Role

NisonCo is the leading cannabis industry PR and SEO firm. With active relationships with thousands of journalists and outlets, and connections to thousands of industry specific companies, networking and exposure are the core of what we do. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve worked with over 125 companies to increase brand awareness. Our all-remote team has a proven track record of successful political advocacy in support of the legalization of cannabis and other socially-responsible causes.


As an Account Coordinator, your role is to pitch stories and industry connections to reporters as well as support our Account Managers. In this role, you have set shift times to optimize the reach of your pitches and support roles. You’ll make initial first contact with reporters that cover cannabis, CBD, hemp, psychedelics and other emerging industries to build interest and open the door to a working long term relationship with NisonCo. Once a reporter is interested in working with us, you will own that relationship. You are expected to join weekly team calls and check-ins to coordinate with your colleagues.


Your work will support the organization as a whole as you are often the first interaction a reporter has with NisonCo as well are crucial in our client management success. As a representative of the leading PR firm for emerging industries, you promote our clients, connections, and general knowledge of the field as the go-to source for information. 


The “What”

Overall: You’re essential in managing our reporter relationships, bringing story leads and opportunities to provide clients with high quality published media hits.


Reporter Relationship Manager: Building and managing reporter relationships to appropriately target pitch ideas and produce media hits for NisonCo’s clients.

  • Building and maintaining active relationships with journalists and product reviewers you will work with on a regular basis. Maintain a reputation with these contacts as a reliable, knowledgeable, personable source for anything cannabis related they’re working on.

  • Staying informed of current events and trending news in the cannabis industry and the activities and developments NisonCo clients relay to us through account managers.

  • Crafting and sharing unique pitch angles and language with the team, whether they’re about general trends related to the industry or specific news about our client.

  • Organizing your workflow and bandwidth to properly and punctually accommodate the needs of reporters and clients.

  • Maintaining your reporter contact databases making sure they’re up-to-date with the beats they cover, the outlets they work for, and anything else that might help successfully pitch them.


Cannabis/Hemp/CBD/Psychedelics and general emerging industries connoisseur: You can speak of these industries from a deep well of knowledge and passion, and a commitment to facts

  • Knowing rather than needing to learn about the industry to provide more thoughtful suggestions to our clients, reporters, and team members.

  • Having an understanding of cannabis and its many accessories and consumption techniques, as well as CBD and psychedelics. You do not need to be a consumer yourself, but you must know the language and the culture of these spaces.

  • Being interested in the future-focused industries, like green energy, crypto and other breakthroughs that’ll change the way our world work.

The “How” – Keys to Success!

100% follow-through: Stay on top of all emails, specific tasks, follow-ups and general areas of work. When deadlines won’t be met, renegotiate well in advance.


Ownership: You care deeply about getting results in your realm, and you do what it takes to get them, including paying attention to small details, anticipating problems, offering creative solutions, driving work forward, and course-correcting when needed.


Organization: You prioritize work appropriately, following up with projects, checking in with reporters and the team, and keeping and managing SOPs to communicate knowledge and processes to others.


Relationship-Oriented: You recognize the deep importance that relationships with clients and reporters play in our work, and you build rapport and trust with others.


Action-Oriented: Your bias is toward getting things done. That doesn’t mean that you rush through gathering the appropriate information first, but you drive work forward with an urgency to see results.


Attention to detail: You look deeper than most to make sure the work is done right, knowing your work reflects your reputation.


Self-Editing & Proofreading: You effectively follow AP style or your client’s preferred style guidelines, draft clean copy, need minimal editorial direction, and avoids spelling/grammar mistakes.


News Proficiency: Consistently monitor news for emerging trends and news hooks, as well as to deepen understanding of the space and the issues that matter (or might eventually matter) to our clients.


Flexibility: Can work with clients and the team on rolling deadlines. Able to pivot quickly to new topics or work with little notice on a time-sensitive project.


Public Relations Proficiency: You’re aware of all aspects of the public relations cycle and its role in consumer collection, care, and sales generation. Can effectively implement eye-catching and relationship building tactics in pitch writing.


Connection: You foster meaningful relationships with coworkers and participate in group discussions/group spaces (like Slack).


Communication: You work well in a remote environment, which poses different communications scenarios than a regular office job.


NisonCo is an equal-opportunity employer and we do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.


This is an hourly remote position with a path to becoming full-time after your year mark. Compensation begins at $18/hour. Please email with the subject link “I’m your next Account Coordinator.”


Full time benefits include:

Paid time off: 

  • Generous Vacation Policy

  • Paid Health Care / Sick Leave

  • Paid Family Leave

  • Pawternity Leave

  • Paid holidays


  • Health, Dental and Vision insurance: 

    • Eligibility after three months: Join the plan, and you cover 100% of your premium

    • After six months of employment: Premiums are covered at 50% of the base price by NisonCo. You cover the other 50%

    • After 1.5 years: Premiums covered at 100% of the base price by NisonCo

  • Life Insurance: Standard coverage of $25,000


  • Retirement Plan: After one year and 1000 hours worked in the same year, participate in a 4% match

  • Online platform for financial training


  • Coworking or cafe monthly stipend

  • Yearly workspace setup stipend to support our remote-first team


  • Join our team on a yearly all-expenses-paid staff retreat

  • Weekly team bonding opportunities

  • Flexible schedules when life comes up

  • News subscriptions

  • Personalize professional growth opportunities


To apply, please email with the subject line “I’m your next PR Account Coordinator” and include:


  • Your resume or LinkedIn

  • An intro to who you are

  • How did you find the position?

  • What excites you about working in public relations?

  • A summary of your relevant public relations experience. 

    • How long have you been in your role?

    • What types of clients have you worked with and enjoyed?

    • What types of organizational systems do you work best with?

    • Please include any other relevant background info

  • Why do you want to work in the cannabis and future-focused industries?

  • NisonCo prides itself on creating a diverse and inclusive company culture. Please share how you would exhibit DEI values in the workplace.

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