Outbound Marketing
Role & Expectations

NisonCo is the leading cannabis, psychedelics and emerging industries PR and SEO firm. We have active relationships with thousands of journalists and outlets and connections to thousands of industry-specific companies; networking and exposure are the core of what we do. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve worked with over 125 companies to increase brand awareness. Our all-remote team has a proven track record of successful political advocacy supporting the legalization of cannabis and other socially responsible causes.


As the Outbound Marketing person, your role in NisonCo is to focus on top-of-funnel marketing techniques for business-to-business lead generation and to evaluate viable leads to pass off to our Biz Dev person. You are responsible for using research, mass-email campaigns, social media and advertising to identify and reach the right members of a brand for multiple contact points. Vetting and nurturing leads to assess their seriousness is also expected before passing information to our Biz Dev person for closing deals. 


You’ll manage the B2B leads within internal databases to ensure all leads are engaged in “touch-point” campaigns, maintain our data’s integrity, and help improve our messaging. A penchant for automation will make your work easier. You will join a weekly team and 1:1 calls to strengthen internal systems and use data to illustrate successes and challenges while conveying group feedback. 


This work is integral as you bring leads into our sales funnel and help market our services. As a representative of the leading PR and SEO agency for emerging industries, promoting our services, forging connections, and demonstrating general industry knowledge are necessary skills.


The “What”

Overall: Managing our relationships with early-stage leads and crafting contact strategies; bringing qualified leads and opportunities to the Biz Dev Contact Manager; aiding us in continuing to grow.


Data extraordinaire: You understand the importance of clean and robust data, ensuring we manage our leads with care and integrity. 

  • Building and maintaining our Salesforce data; using the research team to ensure you have the necessary information to get the job done.
  • Coordinating the biz dev ticket pipeline to maintain a minimum number of leads; engaging leads with our database tools.
  • Organizing our database for easy reporting; weekly dashboard reviews.
  • Optimizing the efficient use of the database and outreach via ongoing education. 


Messaging manager: Listen and improve how we speak about NisonCo, its services and industries.

  • Working with our biz dev team to oversee all messaging to/from leads and potential leads before they turn into “deals,” including in person and at conferences.
  • Building and experimenting with trickle campaigns to optimize open, click-through and response rates for email blasts, check-in emails, and social media.
  • Requesting 1-3 social media posts/week specific to leads to catch their attention; using data to work with the writing team to draft copy to target these leads.
  • Suggest minor website edits to increase the potential client’s experience.
  • Recommending advertising mediums and executing our advertising campaign when requested.


Cannabis/Hemp/CBD/Psychedelics and general emerging-industries connoisseur: You can speak about these industries from a deep well of dynamic knowledge and a commitment to facts.

  • Knowing (you don’t require education) about the industry to provide thoughtful suggestions to our clients, reporters, and team members.
  • Understanding cannabis, its many accessories, the consumption techniques, cannabinoids (like CBD) and psychedelics. You don’t need to be a consumer but must know the language and culture of these spaces.
  • Being interested in future-focused emerging industries — green energy, crypto, etc.



Our Core Values – Expectations for all employees!

Integrity: We align our actions with our words and operate with transparency and good faith. We own our mistakes and give honest feedback.

Adaptability: We’re no strangers to forging paths in new and challenging spaces. Our employees and clients come to us with entrepreneurial spirits, and we embrace flexibility and creativity to excel in future-facing industries.

Global Community: We come from various backgrounds and seek to create supportive and respectful relationships with those diverse viewpoints. We recognize that our networks and communities are central to our success and contentment with our work.

Inclusivity: We treat each other as we’d wish to be treated. We do not shy away from pushing boundaries and confronting social stigmas using non-coercive and effective methods. We will continue working cognizantly toward promoting greater equity and inclusion in every space we encounter.

Collective responsiveness: We understand employees have their own lives. We can rely on one another in times of need to ensure all responsibilities are met and to keep things running smoothly for the entire team.


NisonCo is an equal opportunity employer, and we do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

The Outbound Marketing Role is a part-time hourly remote position with a three-month trial period for NisonCo and yourself. Upon successful completion, you may have the opportunity to increase your hours as work arises. Compensation begins at $18/hr depending on experience. 


Paid time off: 

  • Paid Sick Leave


  • Retirement Plan: After one year and 1000 hours worked in the same year, participate in a 4% match
  • Online platform for financial training


  • Weekly team bonding opportunities
  • Flexible schedules when life comes up
  • News subscriptions
  • Personalize professional growth opportunities



To apply, please email admins@nisonco.com with the subject line “I’m your next outbound marketing person” and include: 

  • Your resume or LinkedIn
  • An intro to who you are
  • How did you find the position?
  • What makes you excited about managing our email marketing strategy for NisonCo?
  • How did you end up wanting to work in the cannabis and future-focused industries?
  • NisonCo prides itself on creating a diverse and inclusive company culture. Please share how you would exhibit DEI values in the workplace.
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