Lucas Wentworth, PR Account Manager

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Lucas Wentworth

PR Account Manager

Lucas Wentworth joined the team at NisonCo in 2018 as a pitcher before getting his first client in 2019. He comes from a strong background in professional writing, editing, social media marketing, and strategic communications. Lucas lives in Buffalo, New York where he is involved in the Western New York chapter of NORML volunteering in media relations and as an event promoter. In addition to his passion for cannabis legalization and equity, Lucas is an advocate for harm reduction education. He regularly volunteers to do street outreach with a community group in Buffalo called Mobile Overdose Prevention Services passing out narcan and offering demos. He has been involved in lobbying for the Good Samaritan Law to be taught in all public high schools in the NYS, as well as for drug decriminalization in the state. When not working, Lucas enjoys playing with his cats, learning German, and practicing zazen.

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